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Date : 05-07-2013 | Forum : News

Vietnam ICT: Not big old!

What the conference and exhibition panorama of information technology - communication (ICT) Vietnam 2012 show that the public is surprised by the old familiar of each item.
More than 40 years ago, Gordon Moore - co-founder of chip maker Intel renowned - made a law that the power of microprocessors will double every year and a half cycles. This theory is reflected in the IT industry to become one of its basic philosophy: continuous improvement technology with rapid growth.

So what workshops and panoramic exhibition of information technology - communication (ICT) Vietnam 2012 show that the public is surprised by the old familiarity of each item.

Speaking at the workshop familiar by discussing policy pillars and forecast the development trend of the ICT sector in Vietnam next year still includes professionals - managers -'s business, still ranking then, still the statistics that even the jokes of the speakers. Just Another Vietnam ICT industry is facing a different reality ten years ago.

Law transfusion

Even Gordon Moore, in a later interview, also said that his law should be revised cycle time factors and certain limited improvements in chip manufacturing technology, when he saw the phenomenal growth rate in production of 65nm processors (nanometer) and 45nm and 32nm are currently taking place in less than four years. With miraculous growth, IT has become the industry helping to change the lives of billions of people on Earth, with giant heads world.

Just a few years ago, no one imagined that a fledgling company by a newly graduated young leaders such as Facebook to market can cost tens of billions of dollars as soon as the stock market, just a few years knocked tablet computer market and traditional presence everywhere.

But in Vietnam, more than a dozen years, the IT industry ranking of little change. And in ICT workshops, speakers familiar annual reports continued their traditional investment situation for the ICT industry in the world, the situation of ICT businesses in general and Vietnam the rankings are not tied to persuade public figures.

Trade or Technology?

FPT - in business almost always topped the software industry - has sometimes been / being HCMC Stock Exchange classified as "wholesale and retail". This is probably because in the eyes of clients and investors, the Vietnam IT companies simply redistribute dealer brand products overseas.

Young people are excited about the technology products in Vietnam Consummer Digital World Expo which took place 17th. (Photo: Tuoi Tre)

Indeed very difficult to see on the market that product information is actually produced in Vietnam. Even myself HCA (HCA) and evaluate ICT firms by revenue only, that technology is just acting dim if not that technology virtually no role What in the success of the domestic IT.

In the report "ICT Industry Capability HCMC - Viewpoints from enterprise IT operations HCM his" Chu Tien Dung - Chairman HCA - Stats are surveyed 256 enterprises, accounting for about 85 % of total sales and 75% of the IT industry manpower City. This report shows that the revenue of the surveyed enterprises in this sector grew by 17.6% / year from 2010, up to 80 347 billion number, in which the hardware business and electronic revenue up to 34,844 billion, strong growth compared to 2010 (23,397 billion).

However, if you go into the detail that the majority of this growth in business arising from foreign direct investment (FDI). Their turnover rate increased from 4066 to 13 415 billion. Thus, the 11,447 billion turnover growth of this industry, there are 9,349 billion from FDI. And if you factor inflation into account, it is clear the local hardware business was not growing, if not the recession is over.

Dung's report also warns of margins / revenues of this group of companies is very low at 3%, and only 20% of the hardware business with real profits. In essence, this is a warning about the viability of the business in the future but that does not mention the cause and solution for it. The question is if Vietnam took the hardware industry will be like?

Top 5 CNTT 2012 results include eight groups with 33 medals (for the 33/34 unit award submission), arranged in rank from high to low revenue. In eight groups, group 2 (PC brand leading Vietnam 2012) and group 8 (top IT training units Vietnam 2012) have severely reduced sales.

Especially the 2 groups, although rankings have not changed (still the name: FPT Elead, Robo, CMS, Wiscom, SingPC), but the group's revenue continued to decline sharply to 851 billion figure copper, down 21% compared to 2010 (note that in 2010 the group turnover has decreased to 25% compared to 2009). With 104 billion in losses, CMC is the leading IT VN units this year.

The concern is that while many companies in general hardware, computer assembly and Vietnam in particular, increasingly unprofitable, difficult sales, the brand "genuine" foreign still very confident with the increase good growth of the PC market in Vietnam. International Exhibition of technology era (Vietnam Consumer Digital World Expo - VCW 17) alongside the HCA conference took place with the size reduction of 30% over the previous year, batch absence of major brands.

But right next to it is the Group's own exhibition was organized ASUS extravaganza with lots of new technology products such as Transformer tablet, Ultrabook laptops, the "future devices" - Eee tablet Pad Transformer Prime. Obviously, the new devices are being mass produced but not assembled as desktop (desktop PC).

It is a fact that life is going strong changes in technology solutions for the individual user. Therefore, further evaluation HCA computers assembled in Vietnam as an important group that is still struggling organization charts with his backward, forgetting that there are many out there has replaced changed.

On the other hand, the latest IT products, is impacting the lives of billions of people, the new direction needed the attention of the State such as searching for information online, online marketing, online sales , ads on the foreign site, operation of personal websites, social networking sites ... the point is not that clear and detailed analysis from the speakers.

Also the lack of recognition of the problem is that social anxiety and controversy as online gaming, as not to know the manager's point of view on issues such as advertising (with tax policy) on Facebook, Google . Many report struggling with how to organize the old data (with trend analysis reports based on data gathered in 2003-2008), heavy on statistics, there is no specific advice to the State management and business support ...

Need to change

IT industry revenue is not declining, but rather from the business over other businesses, from product through other products. The quiet of the IT exhibition VCW 17 are not derived from the economic downturn and customer indifference.

In contrast, in Vietnam, never present IT boom, the personal electronic device ubiquity, even becoming a fashion accessory indispensable youth, making significant changes as the connection method, the transaction and transfer of information. If there is anything IT related that decline is because it has lost in the past, or to confuse the past with the future only!

The world we live in is always changing, but less rapidly changing industries, such as continuity and IT sudden. The increasing its product mix into people's lives, that sometimes it's hard to distinguish what is IT product, what is not. IT content in such a car, much higher than people think. But the breakneck pace of IT development needs more young drivers are not binding ourselves in the rut of thinking, all of the recommendations are invariant each year on state support.

Vietnam ICT industry needed a more candid look back.

Group 8 (top IT training units Vietnam 2012) - the group received great attention - to see sales decline sharply array of IT training and practical training are not enough human resources - as received of HCA. This is a pessimistic trend for Vietnam ICT industry by the lack of resources is evident in only a few years later.

This is really worrying because in the report "State of Vietnam through ICT White Paper 2012" by Nguyen Trong Street - Head of Department of Information Technology (Ministry of Information - Communication) - presented at the This seminar contains information about manpower ranked Vietnam in relation to other countries in the report Measuring the Information Society 2011 ITU. Accordingly, the ICT skills of Vietnam ranks 108/152 (unchanged from four years ago - in 2008).

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